As a business owner or marketer, have you asked yourself: why do I use Facebook? It's a simple question that can be flooded by tons of answers. But the real score here is how you're leveraging your social assets to enhance your personal branding. Personal branding is crucial in generating leads and enticing potential customers, it's proof that you're actually applying your strategies to your social assets as well! Every social profile you have is a key starting point in establishing a digital footprint, hence, it can be considered a personal branding asset. Thus, personal branding increases your visibility on search results due to its social nature.


Here are 4 tips on how to use your social profiles for enhanced personal branding:

1.) Talk like a Real Person

Stimulus paves the way for interaction. Social sentiments won't surface without a stimulus. It's a given that user-generated content fuels Facebook pages, but you can only merit UGC when you make an emotional connection with fans. Don't enter a conversation like a salesman, let people talk about their favorite brand. Instead of asking them to like or share a post, why not ask them open-ended questions to start a thread? The role of a community manager becomes significant in these situations, why? The community manager should shape the tone and frame the direction of the conversation to transform it into a trend.

2.) Use NewsJacking

First, let's define what “newsjacking” is. According to David Meerman Scott, newsjacking is the process by which you inject your ideas or angles into breaking news, in real time, in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business. With that said, it's clear that newsjacking requires more than joining the bandwagon of trending news. For brands, it's a perfect opportunity to give people their 2 cents to a trending issue, arguably, it's also a chance for CEOs to display thought leadership. Coca-Cola even incorporated an opinions page in their flagship website in order for contributors and employees to write and tackle trending news. Aligning your brand message with breaking relevant news is an approach that can earn mentions from journalists.

3.) Share Content that “Speak”

People become fans because of a reason – brand love. Fans aren't liking a brand's fan page just for the sake of receiving updates. If such is the case then something is missing from that fan page, and that my friends is called user engagement. Effective user engagement is how you make your brand or company connect with fans on a personal level. Remember that your fans own your brand and they own your fan page wall. People don't want to talk to a salesman, they want to have a real conversation. Your content plan shouldn't be all about advertising, it should be about promoting meaningful conversations. User-generated content is what fuels fan pages.

4.) Conduct Surveys

Surveys are interruptions and that’s the truth. Most of my peers feel that conducting surveys is a total pain. You can’t seem to ask people to answer questionnaires unless you give free stuff. So how do you entice people to answer a survey? Simple – ask for their opinions about your company’s product or service. People who are active in social networks are the most opinionated. Once you get to have them answer a survey, lead them to a Thank You page where you offer free product-related apps or a 30-day free trial of your service offerrings. Free is the new medium for surveys.