As an SEO person myself, I know that this is something not a lot of beginners think about. This is especially true back then when results were all we needed and we could get those with simple (admittedly spammy) ways. But now that Google is getting stricter, they are redefining SEO to what it should always have been. It is and has always been more a subcategory that belongs to marketing than a subcategory of coding or design.

How Should We Approach Post Penguin And Panda SEO?

Since SEO should be treated as something underneath the greater category of marketing, it is something that should be thought of to fit in within a bigger marketing strategy. This also means that it should not be relied upon solely. It may not be said by other SEO experts, but the truth is that you can have a successful online business even though you do not do much SEO.

And thought that last sentence might make other SEO people cringe and disagree loudly, it is actually how SEO was always meant to be. The thing is that when you actually just market your brand or site online the best way you know how, most of the time your SEO points will also increase. This is because SEO nowadays is geared towards quality link building, content, site architecture – things that good marketing usually lead to.

There are hundreds of possible factors that you can count to alter your website rankings in some small and mostly hard to observe way. And in truth, you cannot think of and predetermine the outcome of all these factors because you cannot possibly test all of them objectively. And most times, not a lot of them will give you significant change in rankings. It just is too taxing to worry about every little small detail.

Of course that is not the whole story. There is definitely still a great need for SEO. The thing is that it should be done within the overall plan of your marketing strategy. It should lie within the organic use of fair marketing goals (something well rounded and fully fledged SEO experts can only do). For instance, deciding which SEO factors to focus and spend on should be strategically analyzed first.

If we are to look at the general, most primary factors in SEO, these are easy to point out. Focusing on some of these will always be a good idea, though choosing which ones to spend on is the key:

  • Choosing the Right Keyword
  • On-site SEO Tweaking
  • Outbound Link Building
  • Website Analytics and Forming Insights

These are in the broadest sense, what most people see as SEO. But as I have been talking about, it is not all about getting all of these things right. In fact, there are so many things that you can think of in between and within these basic principles. The key is to think of your SEO as part of the bigger picture. Once this bigger picture becomes clearer, your SEO will get focus and will not be wasted.