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What a weekend! January 25 – 28 in Peachtree City was PACKED FULL of content, education, and networking…. and not a single pitch!
I hosted 15 highly committed and motivated local (and online) marketers in my hometown of Peachtree City, GA.

We spent 3 intense days work-shopping and learning about what's working now in local marketing, as well as hearing some key guest speakers teach us about taking care of some housekeeping issues in our own businesses.

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Our most recent live event was an overwhelming success!

Many of you had asked me for a recap of what we did, and how we pulled it all together. I'm happy to share, and maybe we will see you in the future at one of our events.

Attendees arrived Wednesday night, and we all met at the hotel bar/lounge for great conversation and networking.

Day 1:
Thursday was our first day, and we hit the ground running!

Ask someone who was here – I was working very hard to keep everything on schedule.

After a brief introduction, we moved into a “full immersion experience”. This was an incredible opportunity for members to truly work on their business, with the support of both myself and some of my team. A typical attendee had 30-40 conversations, with many putting out proposals for new business! How would you like to go to an event and land a new client(s)!

On the first day, we also introduced our attendees to a new software product we have been creating. It is a superior version to the traditional “scrapers” that are on the market – allowing for the creation of super accurate email and phone lists. This supports our Voice Drops product as well as highly targeted email marketing to land clients.

Other training included Case Study: High Ticket Deals and Role Playing to improve confidence in the sales process.

We ended the day with customized consulting and strategies for each attendee and a great Hot Seat session that generated amazing ideas/advice.

Day 2:
Our second day shifted from immersion to cutting-edge training! I trained on multi-unit marketing – franchises and distributorships. All attendees received a free comprehensive product I had created to help them land these clients.

I introduced guest speakers to the mix on Day 2. And wow…were they incredible!

Ruben Romero taught Processes – sharing world class knowledge in this area for the first time anywhere!

I had my own CPA, Danny Cantrell, come in and present on tax and accounting issues relevant for our agencies. Additionally he stayed and did an extensive Q&A and joined us all for a great lunch. I took the group to a South African restaurant where the networking continued!

After lunch, it was time to get legal..and maybe a bit political! No Facebook style politics here! I brought in one of my clients, Judge Jason Thompson. He delivered a very transparent Q&A session and presentation around political marketing. Everyone who attended this particular session were truly blown away!

Ed Downes then presented an outstanding training on local marketing funnels, and gave all attendees free funnels to use in their business! Everyone was able to immediately implement these to expand their client acquisition systems!

The final presentation of the day was from legendary Internet marketer – Matt Bacak! Matt taught live using a flip board email marketing strategies that had everyone in the room going nuts! People were literally taking notes as fast as humanly possible – as Matt delivered his A game!

Day 3:
Our final day had a lot to live up to! And boy did it ever deliver!

I began the day with a 1-hour Q&A in a roundtable format with each attendee. We addressed issues/challenges/concerns that directly impacted the agencies in attendance.
From there, I revealed our final guest speaker – Greg Cesare!

Greg taught a 90 minute training on his Big Ticket Agency Blueprint – showing everyone who to shift focus from small to large 4 and 5 figure monthly clients. Completely interactive and 100% real – everyone was once again taking notes and firing off non-stop questions. With our small group format – each attendee had personal attention from the speakers as well as myself!

We did a buffet lunch at the hotel on Saturday, as we wanted to get back for our big close-out.

Greg and I did a case study of my Ecommerce business, where I opened up the P&L and Cash Flow numbers, evaluated products and store, and then admitted where I was falling short. In less than 15 minutes, Greg had mapped a path to a 50k monthly business model with only small tweaks to my current operation. I was fortunate to have Rebecca in the room, who immediately “got it”, and agreed to take over running with this!

Sean Campbell and myself did a great session where we broke down our daily and weekly sales strategy!

And finally, we ended with a powerful hour long panel, where the attendees asked Greg and I anything about our business or theirs, filling in the gaps!

What's Next?

We are expanding our new software suite, and will be making this available to our community soon.

We have lined up an unbelievable software/marketing system leveraging content to deliver both clients and results. Watch for my emails soon on this! (This is not part of PBN!)

I want to truly thank everyone who attended, as well as the great speakers who helped make this an unbelievable event. Look for our next Live Event to occur in May – date TBD!

Thanks again,Brian

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