Are you using various mobile marketing strategies but seeing little conversion rates? You're not alone! SMS approach, mobile apps, and QR codes the list goes on and you only want to increase mobile conversion rates, right? Well, if your website isn't web responsive, meaning your website is viewed on any mobile device, then it's a good start! Studies have shown that mobile websites that are responsive perform well. Mobile responsive websites are able to put your content on mobile devices properly. And we all know that content paves the way for engagement and leads.

It's supposed to work, right?

Well, that isn't the case with an in-depth experiment done by on how effective mobile responsive sites. The study shows that these web responsive sites didn't affect conversion rates, let alone increase lead generation. If your website is mobile responsive it should be mobile-friendly so it can increase conversion rates, but why isn't it working at all times? Well, another study by shows that having a mobile responsive website is just icing on the cake. A/B tested a mobile responsive site vs. a simple mobile site created from a mobile site builder. The simple mobile site that offered a coupon with call-to-action links performed better and had a 55% conversion rate! This only shows that you need to talk to directly to customers via an effective call-to-action. If someone wants to grab a quick bite and checks his phone for nearby diners, you just want your mobile website to offer him a coupon and drive to your diner! It's how a customer behaves in terms of mobile browsing compared to how they use their desktops.

Mobile responsive websites are great tools, but it's only a part of your mobile marketing strategy. Here are ways to increase mobile conversion rates based from's study:

1.) Offer Freebies

Most mobile users are just “window shopping” meaning they're just browsing and don't have any intent to buy at all. The good thing about offering coupons is that it's a call-to-action per se for a potential customer. A coupon paves the way to a sell and can land you referrals as well.

2.) Minimal Content is More

When a potential customers are checking out your website, it's always a quick scan for them on what you product or service you offer. Content is always key but don't bombard customers with tons of useless content. The reason why mobile users landed on your website is to find out how to contact you or they're looking for a product or service that you offer. Remember that a call-to-action and contact info are two important factors to highlight on your mobile website.

3.) Create a Smooth Experience

Mobile browsing should be quick and easy. With this in mind, you need to determine what you need on your mobile website and the ones that you should leave as decorations on your actual website. Keep in mind that your website isn't an e-book so don't make users scroll down once they land on your mobile website. Create a hassle-free navigation approach that will enable potential customers to contact you right away!

4.) Focus on User Engagement

Mobile marketing is social marketing as well. As an entrepreneur, you need to interact and respond to every customer's query about your product. Remember that you're not only after sales, but you can utilize your mobile website as a resource tool for product development. You can turn potential customers into dedicated product advocates when you listen and improve your product or service.