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Savage Siphon
Including Master Class Upgrade
Our most successful offline marketing product EVER
With this stress free, no pressure client attraction technique, you can put an end to worrying about cold calling, mass emailng, and those akwkard face-to-face walk ins once and for all!

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Linked Connect
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High Quality Leads Quickly and Easily with this simple software
Best LinkedIn software to drive highly targeted traffic to and generate massive leads – focus on high dollar niches like Dental, Plastic Surgeons, Lawyers!
Local Lead Driver
Including Master Class Upgrade
Best Local Lead Generation Course to Find Unlimited lists of targeted local leads

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Local Lead Driver is the real method that help you generate a flood of qualifies buyer leads on demand for your client and you can see results almost instantly. You’ll discover how to start on a shoestring budget and then scale into a good six figure business. You only need the simple and cheap outsourcing strategy, you’ll benefit from having this knowledge when you are ready to scale your business. You’ll know about Proven pricing models, never wonder again what to charge as how lucrative lead generation can be. You’ll learn about Lead generation and sales methods, get a never ending supply of leads to share your business with and learn the sales and closing techniques that will have prospects excited to get started with you. You’ll know the most common objection and Fine tuning negotiations, never fear prospects objections again.

Review from "Mat-B"

Review from a customer Mat-B: It’s an 8 module video course and doesn’t have any “fluff” or BS theory. It’s straight to the point content with case studies and successful student interviews. When you watch the videos, it’s obvious that they’ve been using & tweaking this method for a while now.

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Local Internet Loophole
Full Automotive Strategies Course

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A comprehensive 10 Module video Course illustrating how you can capitalize on a criminally underused technique to skyrocket your website or your client’s local business’s web page to the top of the front page of EVERY search engine.
Local Sales Automation
Including Master Class Upgrade
We've discovered the single biggest mistake that virtually every local marketer was making!
Discover the crazy simple method that builds your local agency like no other. It can deliver multiple paying clients to your business month after month – forever! Click here to visit the original Sales Page for more info – but don't buy over there! This Black Friday Price is only available on this page!

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Automotive Industry Exposed
Full Automotive Strategies Course
$697 Brian & Syd's FlagShip Course! 11 Core Modules and Many Bonus Modules on TOP!!