Aside from Facebook and Twitter, some marketers still cling to the old reliable that is the RSS reader for relevant and timely content. Today, Google is officially shutting down Google Reader! Fret not, there's a handful of RSS reader options that could work according to your preference. One of them is called Feedly which is the most cited alternative to the Google Reader. Feedly enables users to easily receive, organize, read and share content from their favorite blogs.  It's been around for quite some time now, and the good thing about it is that they include their users to improve their product features and functionality. Most importantly, Feedly puts a premium on relevance and ensure that the sure receives the most relevant content on his feed.

But can Feedly measure up to Google Reader's capabilities? Here's a quick review:


1.) Discover New Feeds –  A feed is the content of a blog you subscribe to. In Feedly, you can search for new feeds by category, by entering in the URL of the feed or by searching with keywords.

2.) Pinterest Integration –  You can pin images directly to your Pinterest boards from within Feedly.

3.) Receive Featured Articles– You can switch this feature on or off. When it’s on, Feedly will automatically highlight popular articles.

4.) Mobile and Desktop Versions – You can use Feedly from your desktop and Android, Apple iOS and Kindle mobile devices.

5.) Buffer Integration – Instead of sharing all of your content at the same time, Buffer will spread publication out across preconfigured times.

6.) Feed Customization – There are some excellent configuration options that allow you to view posts in the way that best suits you. You can group blog posts into different categories, scan a summary of the posts, view the full posts, save posts to a queue for later viewing or tag articles so you can find them easier in the future.

How can Feedly help you with content?

1.) Gives you an organized and customized feed according to your preferences

2.) Manage and read content of your favorite bloggers from a central platform

3.) Receive and read the latest content from your mobile

4.) Save and archive valuable content that you may want to refer to at a later stage.



In order to foster a productive relationship within your industry, organizing original content and content-sharing strategies is a must in order to engage effectively with followers and influencers alike. While Google shut down its widely-used RSS tool, alternatives like Feedly enables marketers, business owners, and even potential customers to find, read, and share relevant content in a RSS format that should work for both mobile and desktop users.