For a team building a website, SEO should already be in each person’s mind. There can be various roles such as the website designer, back-end developer, search engine optimization strategist, and front-end developer. For those companies with such a team, each one should play a specific role for the site’s SEO. Dividing these roles ensure that there are no redundant overlapping of activities. It is also a way to keep a thorough ship-shape optimization standard.

Perhaps one of the most important roles is that of the coders or specifically, the front-end coders. In an ideal situation, there should be specific areas, which the coders will be responsible for and maintain. Here are the SEO principles to be maintained specifically by your team’s front-end coders.

Font Choice

Make sure that the fonts you use are readable by machines. Obviously, using fonts as well as characters that can’t be read by web crawlers is a big no-no. Try to use the general ones. If someone (your client or boss) really insists on complicated text, one alternative is to use text images instead. Then put in an alt text that is exactly (verbatim) what the text is since crawlers won’t be able to read the image.

Application of Header Tags

Google likes sites that make use of the header tags. But using header tags a lot is not the same as using header tags properly. If all your H tags are just text that repeats within the page or repeats in other similar pages, then this will make them useless. Always try to use these tags only when the text they contain are unique to the page.

Image Display

Images that are basic page style elements can be done with CSS background. But for main content images or those found in your text posts or any text, it is advisable to utilize the basic image tags. Also, keep in mind that the text seen in your images should be repeated verbatim in that image’s alt tags.

Website Loading

The speed of website loading is now a big factor in Google’s ranking considerations. Of course everyone in the website development team has something to do with site loading speed, but there is a specific role for the front-end coder. And that role is aggregating and compiling all the javascript files, the CSS, etc. and making sure they are all organized.

Crawler Friendly Content

One of the main responsibilities for front-end coders is of course the site’s content coding. So it obviously follows that coders’ biggest responsibilities is to make sure important keywords are not within script tags, which, similar to AJAX, do not load the usual way. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that all text or script that does not automatically get loaded together with the page will most likely be troublesome for crawlers to read. In the future, Google might perfect this issue, but right now, it is best to not use this type of script.