Facebook brand pages are common because Facebook is such a great tool for small to medium business owners. Of course it is also a great tool for the big players and they get a LOT of fans. This is because they have the money to promote their posts and setup ads. So for smaller startups that are just starting to build their Facebook fan base, it is a bit difficult to move forward and get a lot of fans without already investing on ads and promoted posts.

Less Likes Makes It Harder To Get New Likes

And another problem here is that without a good number of likes and engagement, a page will ALSO have a harder time to get new likes and engagement. People like a page if they see it is an interesting page. But psychologically, they decide whether a page is interesting or not depending on the amount of OTHER people who find it interesting. Fan size creates reputation and authority. This is a barrier that most businesses know well. The curve gets slightly easier once you get off the ground. So the problem is, how do you get off the ground and get those initial likes?

Tips For Getting Your Initial Likes

The most obvious choice is to get your immediate contacts to like your page. This is what everyone recommends. What they don’t tell you is how complicated this is for some people. Some business owners only have a few contacts on their FB because they want to keep it private. Some will invite their friends but the way the invite their friends to like it is probably not very effective. We all know how annoying it is to get invited to like your friend’s random page, which you don’t really want in your newsfeed. So here’s a guide on how to break this barrier.

1. Create good content first

Fill up your page with some good content. Depending on your business, you will want some good stuff in place before you can expect people to like you, even if you are only inviting your own contacts. Make posts that people would like to see on their wall. Also, complete all your info. Make sure your profile and cover pictures are attractive.

2. Invite them the right way

Take the time to personally invite those people in your contact list by actually talking to them. You don’t just send a random message to everyone. Most likely, none of them will be interested. Write something more personal, and if possible, message them one at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. Sell it to them and tell them it would really help you out. But also tell them what value it has for them (they can get updates on promos or news). Just because they are your contacts, it does not mean they are obligated to like your page. If your page does not give value in the first place, it will never be successful.

3. Create informal incentives

Incentives can be the good, but initially, you don’t have to create a big promo with sponsored prizes. If you have a company of employees, create an incentive that would have them ad your page and spread the word on their own. Something like a thank you token or bonus to the top 3 employees who can get the most likes to your page would work wonders.

Once you have your initial 700 likes or so, you can finally begin to reach out to other communities and invite them through outreach marketing. And you can now also ramp up your posting schedules (makes sure to post regularly). Also, you can finally consider paying for Facebook ads.