Most business owners and local marketers are focusing more on their Facebook marketing strategies and Google adword campaigns. While Facebook and Google can help you cover your target market, LinkedIn shouldn't be left out and should be considered as an essential tool in improving your inbound marketing strategies. Whether it’s your personal LinkedIn page or business page, it can help you reach out to target customers in a more personal yet formal approach.

A great LinkedIn page aims to engage current customers, drive traffic to your website, and entice new prospects. Why does your LinkedIn page matter? It's a content marketing tool that can increase lead generation opportunities. A recent study shows that 50% of LinkedIn users are more likely to make an actual purchase from business owners and companies that engage with them on LinkedIn.

Here are 3 ways to transform your LinkedIn page into a lead generation tool:

1.) Create a Content Optimization Strategy

A smart business owner knows how to turn his social assets into effective lead generation tools. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, creating a content strategy for LinkedIn will enable current customers and potential prospects to learn more about what your business has to offer. The more you share relevant content on your LinkedIn page, the more they can come up with queries about your product or services. A great approach is to show a difficult situation then present how your product can actually help them. It also helps that you ditch the salesman approach and concentrate on how you can show them that your product works.

Use your LinkedIn page to announce demos, webinars, and new product offering. You can link everything from demo videos to downloadable white papers and case studies which can entice potential customers. LinkedIn pages are also SEO-friendly since Google previews up to 156 characters of your page's content. Be sure to create a keyword-rich description for your company, contact info, areas of expertise, and a list of products and services. Always remember that it also helps to ask recommendations from your brand advocates as well so you can increase online awareness on LinkedIn.


2.) Engage with your Target Customers

LinkedIn now enables users to manage their own company pages similar to Facebook's admin panel. As the captain of the ship, you can now respond to queries, comments, and rants of your LinkedIn followers. You can also capitalize on branded content and user-generated content to increase user engagement. Blog posts, branded quotes, and even customers' photos using your product or availing your service can pave the way for customer engagement.

Always keep in mind that LinkedIn now allows page admins to custom-tailor your content in order to target current customers and potential prospects. For instance, you can share a downloadable white paper or case study only to your new followers that you want to turn into actual buyers. Remember that LinkedIn is a community that enables targeted engagement which is crucial for lead generation strategies.


3.) Entice New Followers

LinkedIn pages aren't only content marketing tools per se, they're also lead generation tools if you know what type of content to share to your target market. Engage your customers, brand advocates, and even prospective clients. Loyal customers are 70% more likely to engage with your company updates, so don’t forget to ask them to do it! Initiate communication and make it easy for them to respond.