Many companies today are already investing in Facebook for ads. If you are one of those companies who want to test the waters, then read on. You have probably already heard the saying that social advertising has become quite big nowadays. This is true; the biggest companies in the world are coming to Facebook in order to both engage an audience and also to advertise.

But if you are considering Facebook ads, you have to understand the sales process that is in place. Understanding Facebook’s sales funnel will help you find out exactly where your company or budget fits in the bigger picture. Determining the sales channels will help you make intelligent choices about how you want to use Facebook to engage and advertise.

Direct, Inside, and Online Channels For Facebook

The three channels for Facebook advertisers are the online, inside, and direct channels. You have to understand where exactly your company falls under in these categories:

Direct Sales

If your brand is one of the fortune five hundred brands, likely a multinational brand that is one of the biggest in the world, then this is where you fit in. For these advertisers, Facebook has a team that is assigned solely for the purpose of managing the account of these big time advertisers. The so-called “managed accounts” are the cream of the crop and gets prime access to every product Facebook has to offer. Hence, not everything is available for those who are not part of this sales channel.

Inside Sales

These are the Facebook advertising clients that are a tier lower than Direct Sales clients. They will be, on average, spending thousands on their FB ad budget per year. For buying ads, they will have assigned sales representatives at their disposal and they can enjoy many advertising privileges and options. However, they do not have the same amount of advertising power direct sales clients will have.

Online Sales

And finally, if your startup company wants to interact with Facebook sales directly through your online Facebook account only, then you belong in this category. Online sales comprise the rest of the brands and individuals who want to go online only to buy ads themselves. The good news here is that there are many products being built on top of the Facebook Ad APIs that can be purchased for help in automating advertisers in this most basic tier. These platforms really do a lot of help, however, they only automated and clarify information and activities that everyone can access as well through their own basic Facebook ads dashboard.

So there you have it. Now that you’ve finished reading the article, do you think your company belongs to the Direct Sales channel (of course that is highly improbably). Or perhaps your brand belongs to the second tier, Inside Sales channel? You could if you want your own sales representative and if you could afford it. Most of use will fall neatly into the third category of online advertisers.