We all want more likes on our Facebook page. So much so that some people go to third party services outside of Facebook which “sell likes”. This means that you can pay a certain amount and you are guaranteed to magically get a corresponding amount of likes for your cash. This article will talk about why you should not do this and why you should opt to use Facebook Like Ads instead.

Why Use Facebook Like Ads Instead

Facebook Like Ads really work. The best thing about them is that they will mention the friends who liked the page. This gives people more reasons and trust for liking the page that their friends like. They are also one of the most simple ads that almost anyone can set up on their own. They are also the most affordable. Finally, one of the best reasons why you should use Facebook Like Ads is that they let your page be seen by a lot of people right away, thus increasing likelihood for brand recognition. And they won’t be seen by just anyone. They will be seen by the people who are actually interested.

There are two available ways for you to use the Like Ad. The first one is through “Get More Likes”. The second is through “ Build Audience”. These are different choices and they work in slightly different ways. The “Get More Likes” option is only available for brand pages that are new and have fewer likes. “Build Audience” on the other hand is the option available for pages that already have a significant number of audience members (likes that are beyond a couple of hundred in number). The usual problem with building a FB audience is that no one will click on a page that has no likes. This is why Get More Likes is so powerful. It breaks that hard first leap into getting the like-engine rolling organically.

Why You Should Not Buy Likes

At first glance, the higher the number of likes a page has, the more successful it seems. But this isn’t always true. If you get likes from fake accounts (say, from click farms in India) then basically, you won’t get a real audience for your posts. And most brands want their Facebook page to actually reach an audience.

So, say you have thousands of likes but 90 percent of them are from fake accounts and people who are not interested in your page. If so, you won’t get likes, shares, and comments. Your message will reach deaf ears. But it’s much worse than that: your FB reach will also go down. If your posts don’t get engagement, Facebook will lower the amount of people seeing them because it has judged your page to be uninteresting and therefore not worth displaying. The higher your rate of engagement, the more visible your posts will be.

And, as you have probably deduced by now, if you go and buy likes from these third party services, what you get are fake likes. These services have employees in third world countries called “click farms” who create the likes for your page. Those likes will not bring any engagement. Therefore, those fake likes will lessen your reach to your real fans. In the end, your Facebook page will not achieve its true goal, which is to reach the people you want to reach.

So, to make things simple, just use Facebook Like Ads such as “Get More Likes.” You’ll roughly spend perhaps a bit more, but that small difference can make or break your Facebook marketing efforts.