There are already many crowdsourcing websites and tools available out there. There are crowdsourcing tools for getting funding for a film or art project. There are crowdsourcing tools for building your own car too. And with Facebook or Twitter, you can crowd source important ideas that can help your brand. Essentially, you let your community give you great ideas in exchange for a certain incentive. Promos are the best way to do this because it gives them an incentive. It is a strategy that can truly give your business an extra boost because:

1. It helps engage your audience or community
2. You get more ideas or input from a bigger crowd, and that gives you a chance to find a golden idea you wouldn’t get by yourself
3. Serves as its own marketing and buzz event
4. If they are part of your decision making process, your audience or customers feel like part of your company and are therefore more likely to buy from you


So what are the ways your brand can take advantage of your community or audience’s brilliance? There are many ways for you to tap into the power of crowdsourcing through Facebook. Here are just some of the examples:

1. Product ideas – You can ask them for a whole new product idea or you can ask them for variations of exiting ones. It is probably best to ask for the latter as it is less complicated. Ask for what kind of flavor they want or what kind of new feature or app function, etc. An easier one would be to ask them what color to use on your product or even for your branding.

2. Names – Ask your community to name your new product. Or ask them to name your new event or mascot/character. Asking people to name something might be the easiest thing to crowdsource. Tally and show the top names to give credit. Your audience will instantly feel that they are also a part of your brand.

3. Ways to use your products in different ways – Your product is most likely being used in many other ways. Do you want to find out? Simple answer of course: just ask the ones who are using them the most – your customers. You might be surprised at the other possible applications for your product.

4. Content to share for your Facebook page – This one is probably to be used from time to time as any social media manager will run out of places to get content that appeals to their target audience. The brilliance of this is that you get to have input about what type of content your audience responds the most to.

5. Tips or fixes – You have to be a little more careful when asking your audience about how to fix your products or services. Getting this kind of feedback should probably be done in a way that the answers are not publicly viewable in order to avoid bad reviews (which are always present). But despite that, the type of insight this can give you for your brand improvement is invaluable.

What other ways can you think of getting to crowdsource from your Facebook community? Let us know, we would love to get content from our crowd.