Facebook recently launched its new feature called Graph Search which aims to make the social network a search tool as well. So what's the deal with Graph Search? Business owners and marketers can use it as an effective marketing tool, and by “effective” means being patient for results after you tried a graph search strategy or two.


In this age of social business, it's a no-brainer that Facebook is now a destination-location for potential customers and businesses. As a business owner, you have to get inside your customers' heads! So how do you use Graph Search to know more about customers and potential leads? With Graph Search, you can perform focused searches that can yield substantial and accurate results that can help improve your business or your client's business. Here are some functions of Facebook Graph Search that can be helpful to business owners:

  • Identify their own fans
  • Learn about favorite interests and hobbies of fans
  • Identify employees of a business who have liked a business’s Facebook Page
  • Identify interests of competitors’ fans
  • Identify potential business partnerships
  • Improve the quality of Facebook contests

Let's get started with Graph Search by checking out the basics. We all know that Facebook's main goal is to connect people, and for businesses it's for them to capture their target market. Here are 4 ways to start your Graph Search strategy:


1.) Find Contacts Who Like Your Page

You can go to your Facebook fan page and check out friends who are already fans of your page, but that will take hours! Graph Search makes it easier and faster to determine which of your friends have liked your personal fan page or a client's business page. You can compare the results of this query with your current friends list to target friends who haven't liked your Facebook page yet by sending them a personalized message inviting them to check your page out.


2.) Identify Facebook Pages your Fans Like


Content marketing is an essential part of your Facebook strategies. You can determine the types of content you'd share to a business page's fan by identifying the other pages that current fans and potential customers like.

Follow this steps:

Facebook Search Query: Pages liked by people who like PAGE NAME

You can add additional pages to this search query by adding “and PAGE NAME” to the search query.

Facebook Search Query: Pages liked by people who like PAGE NAME and PAGE NAME


3.) Check Fans' Interests

Conducting a survey is a way to learn what your fans want or where they buy what they want. If a large number of your fans like cars, then you can create a relevant content plan for that page using that data.

Facebook Search Query: Favorite interests of people who like PAGE NAME


4.) Network Within Facebook Groups Based on Shared Interests


Search for groups of people who have an interest related to your business Page and join a relevant group to interact with. The basic rules of participating in groups apply here, so don’t blast everyone with self-promotional links. Be helpful, and if it’s appropriate in the context of a conversation, share a link to your Page with the group at large, which will grow your fan base.

Facebook Search Query: Groups of people who like TOPIC and like PAGE NAME