It's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of Graph Search strategy! After determining which Facebook pages and interests your current customers like, the next step would be seeking new prospect markets and increasing lead generation. Here are 4 ways to get started with your lead generation strategy using Facebook Graph Search.


1.) Identify New Prospect Markets

Find out which of your followers like similar or related Facebook pages. Query fans who like your Page and the Pages of events or conferences. Narrow the next cycle of your presentation pitches to events or conferences with Pages that share a high percentage of your fan base.


Facebook Search Query: Fans of PAGE NAME 1 and PAGE NAME 2


2.) Identify Competitors

In order to promote brand loyalty, you have to find out what other players are doing to entice their fans. Finding out where your customers do business while they aren't doing business with you can help you ascertain how to start a loyalty campaign.

Facebook Search Query: TYPE OF BUSINESS in LOCATION visited by people who like PAGE NAME


3.) Location Marketing

Optimizing for location might be a new area for Facebook but it's worth trying a simple strategy. If your business is located near a famous landmark or a tourist spot, chances are you can make your business show up when a user searches for business near them. Whether you own a coffee shop or a laundry service, it's good to be associated with famous places so people can find you. You can also run a Facebook ad, offer a check-in deal then mention the landmark which can entice visitors nearby.


Facebook Search Query: Places near PLACE visited by people who like SOME ATTRACTION


4.) Find Potential Customers

If your business is in close proximity to a company or business, you can use Graph Search to find out which employees of that business like services or products related to yours. Use the commonalities that are revealed to run a Targeted Facebook ad or create Facebook check-in deals to entice them to try out your establishment.

Facebook Search Query: People who work at PLACE and like SOMETHING