Google+ was a social experiment last year that has seen a lot of buzz and critiques. Its growth has been steady, but we all know that Google isn't complacent which is why The Search Plus Your World initiative and the new Google policy were launched to draw more users to Google+. Google+ has its own strategies to entice users and businesses to proliferate its network.As a merchant, your business needs all the SEO fuel to be visible and relevant to search engines, and Google+ is a useful tool to increase organic results for your product or service. The world of SEO is always changing and almost every change is dictated by Google. The lack of a Google+ page for your business now means that it could affect organic search results.

SEO nowadays is more social, just look at Google Places and Yelp listings, they all have user-generated content in the form of comments and recommendations. The world is now more social and having a clear understanding of Social SEO will give you the edge over competitors. Google+ will be a big boost to small and medium business if they know how to use it right.

Here are 5 ways to up your SEO game with Google+ :

1.) Register and Set Up a Google+ Page

If you already have a Google+ profile, creating a G+ page for your business is a breeze. It's better to register your business through Google+ Direct Connect. This will enable customers to reach a local business. Always include the “+” symbol before your business' name. Register your business with Google+ Direct Connect on the section called Direct Connect on Google’s Developer Page. Everything else is turnkey and allows multiple admins for better page management.

2.) Use Relevant Keyword But Keep it Organic

Google+ is a social network backed by the world's most- used search engine, so it's a no-brainer that for people to find your G+ page they would use terms like “pest control service” or “dog grooming services.” So better come up with a set of keywords you'll use whenever you post and feed content to your Circles. Aside from that, use call-to-action in every post to keep the conversation personal and real. Always remember that people search for your service/product in real-time so you have to engage with them in real-time as well.

3.) Feed Your Circles Relevant and Quality Content

We live in a world of instant which means your customers are always ready to be fed with content through mobile phones. Always update your Google+ feed with the latest promotions and deals that you offer, but just don't announced it! Get those creative juices flowing and post those deals together with a custom banner, photos, and videos! This will make people notice your content more and entice them to take a look at what you're selling. Always keep in mind that your content reflects your product, so feed your followers compelling yet interesting posts.

4.) Leverage the +1 Button

Sure the +1 button isn't as popular as Facebook's Like button, but the +1 button is a great SEO tool. The +1 button is the linchpin of the Google+ initiative, if you get tons of +1's your business will be more visible and relevant to search queries. For personal G+ profiles, the more you +1'd articles or images that are relevant to your industry the more you'll be visible in search as well. It's possible to increase your click-through rates by leveraging the +1 button as well. So while a successful SEO campaign with Google+ hasn't emerged yet, the +1 button intends to enhance SEO strategies and make it more social.