Every professional should have a LinkedIn account. There is no denying that fact. Getting jobs and contacts through LinkedIn has become the norm. But how can you make your profile more noticeable when there are thousands and thousands of similar others? Remember that you are competing with tons of professionals there.

It All Starts With Your Photo

First off, you obviously need a professional looking photo that is not pixelated. You wouldn’t believe how many put in pictures of them while in a party just because they look good in the picture. That does not make them look professional. Go ahead and take time and effort to get a professional one taken and make sure you change it every so often so that you keep it up-to-date. Make sure that it will stand out by keeping it color coordinated.

Update Everything

Aside from updating your profile picture, you should also RELIGIOUSLY update your work experiences. You should not only include your last job, include your jobs before that. And don’t just write what you did daily, write how you helped shape the company as well as any accolades you are proud of. Keep it under 150 words since it won’t be read if it’s too long.

Headlining Yourself

You don’t have to be a poet, but you have to be as concise as possible with the headline. Only include keywords that would encapsulate your job roles and skill set. Also, did you know you can put in multiple titles so that you can show the other jobs that you have handled before?

How To Beef Up Your Recommendations

Getting more recommendations is probably the only way to get credibility in LinkedIn. So how do you get more of it? Simple, just ask and you shall receive. But maybe you disheartened because you’ve tried this already and no one replied. Well, the key is to personalize your request. Most people say the same thing to their LinkedIn network contacts. But personalizing your request by mentioning the “good old days” or at least writing out a nice message would help immensely. But most of all, offer to send them a recommendation yourself even before they send you one. You will be amazed at how effective that is at getting back recommendations. And make yours really well written – that should prompt them to give you the same treatment.

So what are our other takeaways? Of course what you need to do is include all the pertinent information about yourself. And let’s list all those down:

– Jobs in the past
– Skill set
– Education
– Training
– Experience

But another thing you have to do is to get into circles and connect with groups. This is the best way to get exposure and hopefully have you profile beefed up later down the road. And again, just remember that one of the things most people forget to do in LinkedIn is to not update the information that really needs to be updated. Do all of these things and you will get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.