Nowadays when talking about link building content marketing is the way to go. That moldy mantra “content is king” is getting REALLY old – everyone already knows just how true it is. Google has pressured everyone to become content mills by quashing most other forms of link building methods. The bottom line here is: you need good content or people will not link to your website and you will not get any link juice. The problem is that getting or creating good content gets harder and harder as you run out of ideas. But what if there is a way to use the content that you already have and create more linkable content from it? And no, we are not talking about paraphrasing your articles. We are talking about using your long successful blog posts and converting them into another medium such as infographics, slideshows, videos, podcasts, etc.


Advantages of Reformatted Content

1.) Appeal To A Wider Audience

Not everyone likes to read technical and informative long articles or posts. Conversely, not everyone likes watching videos to get information. After all, written posts are easier to reference as opposed to videos (you have to replay and find the right portion to get the info you need). Different people respond differently to various mediums. Diversifying the type of content you have will get your message (and website link) across to more people.

2.) Focus Resources On Something That’s Already Successful

You will choose to reformat content that is already successful. If you have a very long blog post or a very long infograph that already got attention, then you have a good chance for success if you make a video or extended e-book version of this since it’s already tried and tested.

3.) Funnel And Build On Existing Buzz

If there is already a good buzz or engagement around the original content, this buzz can easily be funneled into your reformatted content. Also, some of those people who already saw the original content but did not share it might get more interested in it now and might be more inclined to share its link. People sometimes find it easier to share a video than to share a very long article.

4.) Create More Posts

Reformatting doesn’t always just double your post. It can sometimes be used to create a whole lot more. If you are, for example, going to create a video tutorial version of your long infographic tutorial, then you can split those videos into several chapters, depending on the chapters or topic segmentation of your original content. This not only makes more posts, it makes your content more consumable. Also, people like to watch shorter videos.

So what are you waiting for? If you already have a post in mind to change mediums, but you lack the necessary skillsets to do it, you can always contract or outsource the work. And finally, another word of advice, not all types of content will translate well. Sometimes, the medium can really be the message. But in the end, this will depend on how you translate it. And of course, draw up your plans first before executing them.