Content marketing has been a famous buzzword for marketers in recent years. From “content is king” clichés and user-generated content, it's obvious that content marketing isn't generic, let alone does it have a one-size-fits-all approach. The great thing about creating your own content marketing strategies is that there isn't a “template strategy” to follow. You're free to customize your own content marketing campaign, which presents a chance to determine what content works and what doesn't that you use in campaigns.

As a business owner, content marketing is a significant factor in capturing your target market coupled with a segment- targeting ad campaign on Facebook. Keep in mind thought that Facebook ad campaigns won't have an impact without organic content to feed your target audience. Wait, organic what? While the definition of “content” vague nowadays, it plays a crucial role in terms of lead generation and client acquisition for small business owners. Organic content is what makes potential customers aware that your product or service exists.

Here are aspects of content marketing that you can use as a guide in creating your own content:


1.) Thought-Inspired Content

As a business owner, you'd want to connect with you current customers and potential ones on a personal level. It's about shutting down the salesman approach and turning every conversation sensible yet personal to let customers know that they can ask any query about what you're selling. Always keep in mind that when you talk about their problem, be sure to present your own experience, and of course, a solution!



White Papers – You can't go wrong with white papers, it educates people about your product and service. You can also tell them why they need your product in the first place!

Podcasts/Webinars – Remember that some people might not be able to go online and listen to your live webinars so be sure to share a webinar replay for them.

Newsletters – The old reliable in terms of sending the message across hundreds of potential customers. The idea here is to treat every newsletter like a personal note and avoid making it sound like a salesman-sounding email.


2.) Social-Friendly Content

You can't start a content marketing on Facebook if you're not producing organic and branded content. Sharing branded content about your business increases online awareness, turning it into a Facebook sponsored ad will also help in capturing your target segment. These are the types of content that people like to share with their friends and contacts after seeing it on their feed.



Infographic – Not only does it promote visual engagement, infographics also entice people not only on Facebook but on their other social pages as well.

Quotes – Quotes are universal. Everyone can relate to every quote which makes it a shareable content.

Top 10 Lists – People like bulleted-lists because they're easy to read, and they can share it right away on their Facebook feed.


3.) Customer-Generated Content

A marketing mindset should be “turn users into customers.” As a business owner, you can leverage on social media to turn potential customers into brand advocates. It's a matter of talking to them using a personal approach, and customers will promote your products themselves if they see the value as well.

Magnet with title CONTENT attracts people


Testimonials – Satisfied customers are your walking ads! It doesn't only gives your good PR but it also suggests that people are actually purchasing your product.

Reviews – It's a must to ask feedback from customers so you can improve your product and service. A review also boosts your business' online PR.

User-Generated Content – If your customer mentions you in a comment on his feed then it's considered user-generated content! This proves that your content marketing strategy is covering the right target audience.


4.) SEO-Friendly Content

Content is what fuels search engines. Of course, you know that already, but there are types of content that people share on their social pages that can reach a potential customer. It's a no-brainer that SEO-friendly content can enhance your lead generation strategies as well, it's a matter of producing original and quality content that are relevant to your target audience.



Blog Post – It's must on your list to write a post or two every week so your followers can find something interesting to share to their network.

Check-Ins – If you're a Brick and Mortar business, you should initiate steps in making your customers check-in every time they visit your store. Entice them by giving discounts and freebies.

Shares, Retweets, and +1's – These three can only work if you have organic content to share, so start working with your content!