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LIVE ENCORE: Call 2 Case Study Series – Rank in 43 hours GUARANTEED

Part 2 of our Case Study: Ranking in Google series


Tonight we'll cover the results of YOUR case studies! Last week I asked for volunteers to participate in a blind ranking test and tonight we'll review the results LIVE.

On this training I am going to hit ALL these “Paint Points” we all feel as local marketers:

CLOSING DEALS: Getting clients is hard cause you need to show results. Getting results within 43 hrs is HUGE for getting them to come on board with you.

RESULTS: 3 pack rankings can transform a business. See how we've grown small businesses by 6 figures with over 500% growth from landing 3 pack.

AUTHORITY: Links are needed for Google to see you as an authority on any topic or niche. Just one site we have has 600,000 visitors and 12,000 referring domains, we'll show you how to get these same results with just a few clicks.

TIME: Get these kinds of results in only 15-30 minutes per Campaign (or less if you use the available done for you services).

In other words somebody doing local MUST have this in their arsenal. It is a disservice to clients not to offer it as it is so easy and so effective, and its a powerful way to get more clients.