Trends come and go, but some will really matter if you know how to leverage and make something out of it. With regard to website trends, it's a must to always be in the know because it can enhance your business with new ideas and strategies. While there are tons of website trends almost every month, you should take note of the ones that will give value to you, your business, and of course, your customers. Here are 4 trends that matter in website development nowadays:

1.) Responsive Design

The core idea of responsive design is how your website adapts to the medium or gadget a person is using to view your website. A website that has responsive design will adapt to an optimal size for all devices. Users are now browsing the web using mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones aside from the usual desktops and laptops, which means responsive design is more than a requisite than a trend.

So if a potential customer is doing his grocery or just hanging out at a cafe, he can easily access your website on his smartphone. Again, responsive design is now a requisite, why? Customers are looking forward to unique and smooth user experience when they land on your website. Putting a premium on responsive design increases engagement, site traffic, and lead generation efforts.


2.) Homepage Presentation

A website's facade always matter because if you don't convey your message right away and suck too much of a potential customer's time – don't expect a purchase or an inquiry at all. Always keep in mind that a customer's first interaction with you is through your homepage, and leading him to the other pages is how you get him acquainted with you, your business, and products.

Talk to your customers directly, and offer a solution without sounding too salesman-ish. Keep your visitors busy and interested through short slideshows or quick video demos for them to be more interested about your product. Before you decide to make your website live ask yourself:  Does this homepage design supports my brand and conveys my brand message?


3.) Infinite Scrolling

It's a reality that most visitors will leave your website if it doesn't load right away. Time is important which is why your content should show up in a single page without any delay. Thanks to “infinite scrolling” it can now detect a user's scroll position on a page which means that additional content will only appear when it's required. This new technique is also used by Facebook and Pinterest to make content appear smoothly.


4.) Minimalist Design

A simple website that gets your message across and talks like a person to a potential customer is already a winner. It's like meeting a customer at a cafe to discuss about your services, do you dress like you're going to the Oscars? Of course not! This is the same approach you should apply in terms of website design. Sure you'd like visitors to notice the impact of a flamboyant design but it could alienate them as well. You can't turn visitors into potential customers when they are overwhelmed with excess content and graphics. Always focus on quality over quantity.