A blog is an essential tool in every business owner's inbound marketing strategy. Most entrepreneurs and marketer would resort to content aggregation and share content on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It's a practical and convenient way to feed content to your audience and potential customers. While content aggregation is good, creating a blog to establish a readership helps a business owner connect with customers on a more personal level.

Email marketing isn't enough to send the message across, nowadays, customers are spending more time on their social networks. A blog post can reach potential customers through social networks, whenever you share a blog entry on your Facebook fan page or Twitter feed, people will most likely share on their networks as well. This is the value that an original authored blog post gives the business owner.

Creating a blog post and sharing it to your social networks isn't rocket science. You simply need to speak your mind out and share your insights with your current customers and potential ones that will come across your blog.  And before you know it, your blog will turn into a PR magnet that even other bloggers and marketers would want to guest-blog for you.

Just refrain from sounding like a salesman because the only way to turn people into customers is to use a personal approach. The more they can learn about your product through your personal blog, the more you turn your blog into an effective conversion tool.