Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to get visibility for organic Facebook posts. As many experts in social media already know: reach (how visible your posts are to a number of fans) is directly correlated to engagement rate (the number of those who actually like, comment, share, and view your posts in relation to your total number of fans). They say that the dwindling of fan pages’ reach is a natural phenomenon. Other’s say it’s a dastardly Facebook conspiracy. But whatever the case, the problem for us is still the same: how do we help our content shine and increase our reach in the process?

Why Are Posts Not Showing Up Anymore?

Let’s first talk about the reasons why posts are not visible anymore. There are two camps on this issue. The first camp feels that Facebook is out to get us. They think that Facebook is basically a greedy company and it’s telling us that the “free ride is over”. Meaning, the years that brand pages have flourished through free organic reach is now going to end. Facebook, they say, is lowering reach because they want to force page owners to opt for boosted posts and other paid ways to get more visibility. It is possible, right? After all, Facebook wants more money just like everyone else. But is it true?

The second camp disagrees with this. And we personally do too. If you look at the numbers, it is really just a matter of time before the decrease in reach finally catches up with all of us. It really is a natural phenomenon. The reason: people’s contacts are growing more and more each there. Therefore, people’s walls will get more cramped. Hence, not all posts will be seen as more friends lists get bigger and bigger.

Facebook does not want to flood everyone’s walls with all the posts of their friends and fan pages. This would make Facebook a much duller place. Imagine if all the hundreds of friends you have post everyday. Let’s face it. You are not interested in all those posts! This is why Facebook wants to show you only the things you are interested in. And they do this by looking at which kind of posts you respond to. After all, even if Facebook did choose show us all the posts everyday, we won’t be able to see them all anyway because of their sheer number. This is because all Facebook accounts have slowly but surely accumulated hundreds, and for some, even thousands of friends. And people have become more and more active in posting. The flood of posts can only be assuaged by Facebook’s current system: showing only the posts we want to see. Hence, reach has become harder to come by. Fan pages have to be more interesting and have to deliver better content.

And in Conclusion…

There is just no way to avoid it. We all have to create better content that is sure to engage our target audience. And also, we have to invest in some Facebook advertising every now and then. Nowadays, it’s not even about the size of your audience anymore. You can have a huge number of likes. But if those likes don’t give you engagement (people who are not interested in your posts or page), then your reach will go down.

Remember that with the new setup of social media, we want to be more relevant to our audience and we want to be fresh and original. We actually have to give some value to our audience. Remember, Facebook is a social media platform. It is, and always has been, about reaching out to people. Think that way and you will be able to utilize Facebook properly.