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 is a Serial Entrepreneur, Strategic Educator, Business Mentor, and Change Maker.

He is passionate about leveraging his decades of experience as a marketer, entrepreneur, and problem solver to help guide people towards a life of more freedom & fulfillment.

With over 25 years experience in development, sales, and marketing with companies of all sizes, Brian has been enabling entrepreneurs through mission-centric solutions.

He has been involved in the sales of 3 different software companies as co-founder or member of management team for over 75mm. Key member of M&A team at 2 software companies acquiring multiple software companies.

Focused heavily on the evolution of marketing technologies,

Brian began leveraging the power of the internet for marketing in 1994,

and within a few short year began building solutions and platforms to solve business problems. While the players have changed, from mainframe to the Web, and more recently to mobile and blockchain technologies – the business goals remain the same: to empower Americans with the resources they need to pivot into a better financial future. 

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Ultimately, I’m here to add
value, solve problems, and
make a difference in the
lives of others.


I treat everyone the same,
no matter who they are,
and enjoy talking to all
kinds of people.

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I enjoy breaking down and
demystifying complex concepts
into easy-to-understand


I thrive amidst chaos
and enjoy juggling
multiple balls at the
same time.