Born in Ankara, Turkey, Brian grew up all over the world. As a “military brat”, he had the opportunity to live in many countries and experience a wide variety of people and cultures.

At an early age, Brian was an early adopter of technology, beginning with the Atari 2600, and moving from early personal computers to IBM mainframes!  After graduating from The Florida State University in 1993, Brian began an early career as a Programmer/Analyst for the State of Florida.

Quickly realizing how unhappy he was with government work, Brian realized the marketing potential that existed on the early Internet platform – America Online.
Using early search optimization and marketing strategies, Brian launched his first information-based product in 1995, a simple PDF book that generated enough sales for 2 1/2 years to pay for not only a new car, but graduate school at the University of Notre Dame where he pursued an MBA in Marketing.

Deciding that a corporate career in software was the right path, Brian moved away from his entrepreneurial roots and had a series of marketing management positions in enterprise software, culminating with a Vice President of Marketing position.  This allowed Brian to help define search optimization in enterprise software from the days of Alta Vista, Yahoo, Excite, and Lycos through the arrival of Google.

Like many others, Brian grew tired of the corporate bureaucracy and layoffs that were rife in corporate America. Brian expanded on his early search marketing company, Liquid SEO, to create a true locally-focused agency providing local search optimization to small businesses.  Over time, Liquid SEO became Peachtree SEO, a national thought leader in local search marketing strategies across both search engines and social media focusing on franchise and legal clients.

In 2010, Brian co-founded Squareberry, a mobile and social media communications platform.

In 2012, Brian expanded on the Peachtree SEO local search brand, to create Media Mash, a digital agency focused on retail automotive clients in the US and Canada.  Simultaneously, capitalizing on the emergence of mobile marketing Brian co-founded MobileBizBox, the leading all-in-one mobile marketing solution for resellers.

Brian is the author of numerous search and social media marketing courses and ebooks, including Google Places Cheat Sheet and the co-author of the popular “Takeover” local marketing series:  SEO Takeover, Backlink Takeover, and Mobile Takeover.